For the love of Scrabble…

When you think of English teachers, you think of parts of speech, figurative language, poetry and all these other aspects of the Language! As an English teacher, I like to think of words!! These little marks you put on paper or sound out to eventually actually mean something! I love that!!

Words can be instruments of play for an English teacher and an English student! Play with words to form sentences and you can use the same set of words to form different sentences as well as different meanings!

My love for a good game of Scrabble has grown over the years and I try to find as many ways as possible to play a game be it virtually or with another person!

I thank my Grandma for this love of the game! When I visited her in Australia recently after about 20 years, her face lit up when I asked her if she was up for a game or two! At the ripe, young age of 97 she is still as feisty as ever when it comes to Scrabble! Imagine the expression of a 97 year old Grandma who has always had a way with words, hear her Granddaughter say the word Scrabble!! A moment that melts your heart!

Last night I played Scrabble with another Scrabble ‘addict’ after what seems like several months and relished every moment of it! What we also did was make up a story as we placed the tiles on the board to form words! That was fun and hilarious! It went something like this… Pixies and Badger wore a kilt and a pink shoe and got in a snag while on a loaf on a curve… 😂

Scrabble and the English Language are not all about the scores, poetry or parts of speech! They are about words, igniting your imagination and just having fun!


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