What helps you take your mind off things that happen on a bad day?

I have a bad day ever so often… I think we all do. However, how we react to it is what counts. To take my mind off, I resort to photography, reading and Bible journalling. Mostly it is photography. While reading is fun and Bible journalling reveals my creative side and I have some ‘God and me’ time, Photography takes me to another world and it makes me so happy.

I’ve been told several times over that I am very observant and notice the little things that many people overlook. I actually pride myself with the comment. And yes, I do think that being observant is a virtue that I have. I guess, I like to enjoy the little things, no matter how little because it is the many little things that together create/make the bigger things or bigger picture. God took all of 6 days to create the world we live in but He did a little at a time.

When I have my camera with me, it is JUST my camera and I! Together we capture the different aspects of what this world is made of and when these aspects are all put together, it is just gorgeous! We often and I’d say too often, we focus on the all the bad things that happen in this world, wars, natural disasters, politicians, crummy relationships and so many other things. Because we focus so much on these, we fail to see the good in the world – New life, new beginnings, the variety of colours, good friendships, love, hope, kindness and generosity… and again, so many other things!

I think the next time you are having a crummy day, replace your negative/sad thoughts with the good thoughts… get out of the house or office or wherever you are and look at the beautiful world around you, the smiles that are probably not returned, an old lady who needs a helping hand to cross the road or with her groceries… believe me, even if it doesn’t happen then and there,your good deeds will come back to you threefold! These are sure to brighten up your day… or if like, like me, get your camera out and capture the beauty in what we call home! 🙂

Have a fabulous day wherever you are!



When Life Takes Over

Wow! It’s been ages since my very first post! Perhaps that is because Life actually took over! Being a part of a boarding school is a 24/7 job and even though it gets so busy, I still love it!

So much has happened since January this year… In a nutshell, I now have a new dorm of girls to look after, I am teaching English in the Middle School (as compared to previously teaching in the Primary school) and I have many more friends because of the new staff that joined this year!! Yes, Life has taken over!

The place I currently call HOME! ❤

My favourite bird – the Horned Bulbul

At the same time though, I have had the opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside that I live in and I am in awe of how CREATIVE our God is!! Every tiny, intricate detail has been taken care of and we have been put in charge of this creation! How special that makes me feel! I’ve been entrusted with looking after what my Loving God created!! ❤

So, when Life takes over, remember how special you are to the one that made you and the world around you! You have been chosen by Him and are His precious child!